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We have a wide selection of brews to please your palate.  Ben is always planning a new brew or scheduling the return of a seasonal favorite.
 Listed below are the names and descriptions of our current offerings.  

ABV 5.2% // IBUs 25

Rusted Nut Amber Ale

Our flagship beer.

Copper-colored and clear, this mild ale has a slight malty flavor up front and a clean, non-hoppy finish.

Dull Sickle Hefeweizen

Made with wheat and pale malt. Ideally served with a slice of orange to balance the hops, this is a light, mild brew.


ABV 5.0% // IBUs 23

Bonnie City Scottish Ale
Deep copper-colored, with a light smoky malt flavor.
Pay close attention to the subtle caramel finish.


ABV 5.4% // IBUs 30

Black Nail Stout
Dark as a moonless night. Your palate will detect notes of chocolate and coffee.  Not heavy or bitter. 


ABV 5.9% // IBUs 33

Irish Red Ale
Reddish copper-colored ale with a nice balance of hops and roasted malts that provide a crisp, clean finish.


ABV 5.0% // IBUs 25

Fender Bender
       Blackberry Ale
A light, blonde ale characterized by a blackberry aroma and a back-of-the-throat slightly floral note.


ABV 4.5// IBUs 16

Potluck I.P.A.
Brewed with fresh, locally-grown Cascade and Centennial hops, this golden elixir has a crisp, full-bodied flavor without the strong bite of a more traditional I.P.A.

ABV 6.3// IBUs ??

Blown Motor I.P.A.
Bright golden color with a powerful blend of hops to create a sharp aroma and just the right amount of bitterness to please our “hop-head” friends.


ABV 5.9% // IBUs 80

Lug Nut Brown Ale
Medium brown color with a nutty, light malt flavor.  Very light on the hops.  This brew is extremely smooth and mild.

ABV 5.9//IBUs 18

Granny Gear Dark Lager
Dark brown colored with aromas of rich, roasted malts and a hint of molasses.  Slightly sweet finish.

ABV 5.9//IBUs 22

   Amber Ale
Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are added to our Amber Ale to create this deliciously spiced fall brew.  Delightful in its own right, try it blended with Cream Soda or Black Nail Stout to tantalize your taste buds.

ABV 5.2//IBUs 25

Hot Rod Jalapeno
   Amber Ale
Copper-colored ale that produces a subtle jalapeno warmth at
the back of the throat.  
Not spicy or "peppery" at the front.

ABV 5.2//IBUs 25

  Root Beer and
  Cream Soda
Just like Grandpa and Grandma used to make.  Delicious!!
Master Cylinders 
32 oz. cans - available in ALL our beer flavors.
Take some home to drink at your leisure.
$7 each. 
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